The Goals for 2019

·     Purchase Insurance policy for property (home, fire, tornado, hail, etc.)

·       Build storm shelter on property (High wind area)

·       Build 2nd road to W. BIA 32

·       Purchase gravel for parking lot and sidewalks

·       Make preparations for new church on property, estimates for concrete foundation and total costs

·       Inquire about constructing dormitory building for missions

·       Finish digging and running rural water to all buildings

·       Construct porch on building #1 and an extended porch off the west face of property

·       Partnering with and directing Hands of Faith Ministries in White Clay, NE (Lakota Men’s Residential Recovery Discipleship Ministry)

·       Distributing $36,000 of food vouchers to the natives of the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation (South Dakota Residents Only)

·       Hosting and housing mission teams from all over the United States in late Spring and Summer to serve on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation

·       Continue discipleship and bible study for Men/Women at the Adult Offenders Facility (AOF) in Pine Ridge, SD

·       Take on and accommodate living quarters for volunteer missionaries to help with growth of Lakota Native American Outreach

  • Build Greenhouse on property to harvest vegetables