Reacting to the Homelessness

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Most know the problem of homelessness that once plagued White Clay, NE due to the selling of alcohol. Well now, these groups of homeless people have moved to the center of Pine Ridge since the ban of alcohol, hanging outside of Sioux Nation and Big Bat’s convenient store begging for money. The best advice for anyone coming onto the reservation is to never give out money!!! We have been out here long enough to see the hustles that go on everyday out here. If you want to help, give out clothes and food, never money. Money only enables the homeless to get more dope or booze. Do not be taken advantage of by some of the “off the wall” stories of why they need money. They will come up with anything to get what they want from you and they have been doing this scheme for a long time. I’m not saying don’t help, but only help in ways that will be positive to their growth and meeting their needs, not wants.