Things to Bring on Mission Trips


Here are some typical things to be equipped with out here on the Rez:

  • Toothbrush/toothpaste/deodorant/hand sanitizer/wet wipes for your rear

  • Bottled Water and compass

  • AT@T Cellphone (only carrier and only network that picks up)

  • Ball-cap/sun glasses and good work boots

  • Avoid cash, bring debit/credit (ATM at Buche grocery store, Shell, and Taco Johns)

  • Tools for vehicle repair, no auto shops out here or major parts

  • Layers of clothing for winter (gloves, beanie, heavy coat, insulated boots, etc.)

  • Sleeping bag, pillow, sturdy tent (if plans on camping out on the land)

  • Bible/Knife/First Aid Kit