Season to Season


The extremes of weather lie in the heart of the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. Be prepared for cold and hot weather depending on the season. The first frost starts usually in mid-end of October and can drop to single digits from January-March. It is a brief, but typical cool Spring and Fall from year to year, but then comes Summer, hot and windy is the name of the game. Stay hydrated and keep your head covered if possible. There is not much shade out here and you can get heat exhaustion very quickly and not even realize it, til it’s to late and you undergo heat stroke. It happened to yours truly this past summer. Be careful and aware of the weather conditions, because it will make or break your experience here.

Winds on the Reservation

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Weather can be unpredictable out here and you better be prepared. Because of the absence of trees on the rolling hills, winds can easily exceed to 20-40 mph on a very regular basis. Don’t be surprised if your lodging in a trailer or RV and it feels like your on the S.S. Minnow. Make sure everything you bring out is completely tied down, bolted in, concreted, or anchored; because I promise you it will not be there in the morning.