Mission Rules

1)      Well and rural water has high concentrations uranium in it (Only Bottled Water for Drinking)

2)      No Drugs, Alcohol, or Tobacco

3)      No cursing or foul language

4)      Lights out by midnight, wake up is no later than 8 AM.

5)      Ask permission before inviting public or guests to the mission

6)      Lock all doors and front gate when leaving property and/or when closing for the day

7)      Do not lend or give out any mission property, such as tools, money, etc. to the public. (LNAO does not give out financial support to the public, these areas are designated and should be directed to the tribal offices)

8)      Report anything that has broken or needs fixing immediately, such as tools, windows, auto, hoses, electric, etc.

9)      On severely cold nights, leave water dripping to prevent freezing pipes

10)    No partaking in native religious ceremonies, such as sweats or sun dance

11)    Must have teachable spirit, mutual respect, & be accountable to another

12)    Zero tolerance for dissension, division, or lone wolf attitude

13)    Living quarters must remain clean and in order

14)    Laundry will be done on designated days (Get with Sister Barbara)

15)    Plan on the Lord to prepare your heart for what He has in store. Be anxious for nothing and allow the Lord to disrupt our plans at a moment’s notice. Remember, It is not about us, it is ALL for Him, Our God and Savior, Jesus.