Barbara Bielecki ( President )

Barbara Bielecki (President)

Bill Bielecki ( 1948-2018 )

Bill Bielecki (1948-2018)


Barbara Bielecki and her recent husband, Bill Bielecki (1948-2018), started Lakota Native American Outreach in 2006.  On a calling from the Lord, they set out from Illinois to become full time missionaries on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation to minister the gospel and disciple those in prison.  With a few hundred dollars in their pocket, they set out to battle the oppression inflicted by the government on the Lakota Sioux tribe for the past century by becoming advocates for the people, or lawyers to represent natives without pay.  The elders honored them by granting them adoption into the tribe as Lakota and now were able to purchase land on the reservation.  Because of this, Lakota Native American Outreach will be here to stay for generations to come and offer hope that is needed for the Lakota through Christ Jesus.  

David Grimes ( V. President )- SD

David Grimes (V. President)- SD

William Walrath ( Director )-TN

William Walrath (Director)-TN

Larry E. Masters ( Director )- TN

Larry E. Masters (Director)- TN

Ben Mostowfi ( Director )- IL

Ben Mostowfi (Director)- IL